Welcome Home

By earning a degree in the arts, you’ve shown that you’re tough.

Yeah, even with that haircut. So finding a decent job to rocket you onto your chosen career path should be total cake, right? After all, you’ve survived the last few years, filled with crits, deadline drama, spring breaks, summer vacations and maybe a few too many jagerbombs. You’ve dedicated yourself to getting an education (or getting jagerbombed) and refining your skills in the design or fine arts fields.

So, Now what?

What you didn’t learn in art school was Real World 101. You were out that day. Art school ( or design school, or fashion school, or culinary school, or animation academy or even film school ) is the place to get started on the path to a creative career. But what do you do after graduation? And that’s why whatyoudidn’tlearninartschool.com (aka WYDLIAS) is here to help.